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  • Trakmats™ Ground Cover Mats


    Save expensive landscapes from vehicle damage with these portable ground cover mats!

    These “Portable Roadway Systems” are lightweight mats designed to be handled by workmen in the field. Made from space-age composite materials, TrakMats are strong enough to carry heavy, rubber-tired vehicles without breaking, splintering, or folding up. Plus, they are rigid enough to spread weight over a wide area to prevent tire ruts, or vehicles from sinking. The light color also prevents heat from building up and burning the grass. TrakMats are best suited for situations where vehicles need to access an area of soft, unstable ground (mud, sand, or snow) quickly, a limited number of times, and for short distances (around 300 feet). Mats are 1/2” Thick polyethylene with power cylinder traction.

    Available in 2 sizes.

    Drop ship item.
    3H0174 3'x8' and 3H0175 44.5"x8'

    22201 22202