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Caterpillar Style Ignition Switch


  • This switch has four rear mounts marked “BAT, Start, Relay, Control.”
  • It is designed as a replacement for the Cat 9G7641, but it can also be used in any 15/16” mounting hole (with proper rearward clearance, about 2-1/4” long x 1-3/4” diameter).
  • It could be used to change over or modify some or all of a fleet.
  • This ignition switch is made of heavy-duty materials that are long-lasting and made of non-corrosive metals.

(9G7641) works on articulated trucks, asphalt pavers (ap1050), backhoe (416) loaders, cold planers, compact wheel loaders, excavators, front shovels, gen set engines (3406b), generator sets, integrated tool carriers, knuckleboom loaders, landfill compactor trucks, loggers, mini hydraulic excavators (303cr, 303.5c), mining excavators, mobile hydraulic power units, motor graders, petroleum transmissions, pipelayers (583R/538T), pneumatic compactors, quarry trucks, reclaimer mixers, road reclaimers, soil compactors, soil stabilizers, stabilizer mixers, telehandlers, track loaders (953c), track skidders, track-type tractors, tractors, trucks, vibratory compactors, wheel dozers (rollers), wheel loaders, wheel scrapers, wheel skidders, and wheel tractors.

When you own this kind of large expensive equipment, you want to do everything you can to keep it in good condition to get those tough jobs done with ease. The tools and certain steps of installation will depend on your specific CAT equipment, but the setup is practically universal.