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  • Cobra HHRT 50 ROADTRIP Handheld CB Radio


    The Cobra HHRT50 is a handheld, portable CB radio from Cobra Electronics. A handheld CB combines the functionality of a CB radio with the portability of a two way radio! The HHRT50 also adds NOAA weather channel support, making it a weather radio as well! This model also offers dual channel watch, full channel scan, instant access to channels 9 and 19, Cobra's SoundTracker® system, and a full featured LCD display.

    The HHRT 50 ROADTRIP includes a detachable magnetic vehicle antenna for portability and is compatible with long range or vehicle antennas from Cobra. It is equipped with a DC vehicle power cord, a belt clip and an owner's manual. The antenna improves the range of the radio and is the perfect addition if you are taking the radio in a vehicle or if you switch vehicles often.

    Note: The Cobra HHRT 50 ROADTRIP operates on 9 AA alkaline batteries or AA NiMH rechargeable batteries. The batteries are not included.

    Cobra HHRT 50 ROADTRIP 50 Features

    • 40 CB Radio Channels
    • 4 Watts AM Output Power
    • Handheld Radio
    • Uses 9 AA Batteries or NiMH AA Rechargeable Batteries
    • Dual Watch
    • Instant Channel 9 / 19 Access
    • 10 NOAA Weather Channels
    • NOAA All Hazards Alert
    • Channel Scan
    • Illuminated LCD Display
    • Last Channel Memory
    • SoundTracker® System
    • Adjustable Squelch
    • LCD Signal Strength Meter
    • Adjustable Output Power (High/Low)
    • Speaker / Microphone / Charging Jacks
    • Volume Control
    • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Included with the Cobra HHRT 50 ROADTRIP

    • HH 50 WX ST CB Radio
    • Belt Clip
    • Mobile Magnet-Mount Antenna
    • Portable Antenna
    • 12V DC Power Cord
    • Owner's Manual

    Cobra HHRT 50 ROADTRIP Specifications

    • Dimensions: 6.30”H x 2”W x 1.75”D (160.0mm x 50.8mm x 44.5mm)
    • Weight: 0.64 lbs. (292.5g) Without Batteries
    • Antenna Connector Type: BNC Female