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Coolant Test Kit


Engine manufacturers recommend testing your coolant system every time you bring your vehicle or equipment in for regular maintenance in order to maintain a cooling system with the least amount of risk to your engine.  With Donaldson test kits, you can test for freeze protection, as well as the concentration of your supplemental coolant additive.

Antifreeze test for ethylene and propylene glycol levels. Cooling system should contain a 50-50 mix of water and glycol. Glycol level should not exceed 60%. Never use pure antifreeze as it provides less protection than a water/antifreeze mix.
Cooling system test for supplemental coolant additive level. Test for proper concentration of SCA to prevent rust, scaling, acidity, pitted cylinder liners, foam, pitted water pump impellers and silicate drop out.

1-Minute, 3-Way Test Kit for Systems Using DCA4 and SCA
Our convenient 3-way test kit features easy-to-use and easy-to-read test strips, along with a color comparison chart for determining maintenance recommendations.  Tests Molybdate type coolant additive (DCA4); Nitrite type coolant additive (SCA); and Ethylene/propylene glycol, which indicates freezepoint.

Part # 6F0002