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  • Diamondback Protection Sleeve


    Diamondback Sleeve was engineered specifically to meet the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as well as the NSW “Guideline for Fluid Power System Safety at Mines”.
    Diamondback uses a proprietary engineered fiber. It is needle woven very tightly and heat treated which shrinks the sleeve about 8% to the finished dimension.

    • Tubular sleeving: toughest single line hose protection period!
    • Exceeds new “Line of Sight” operator protection regulations EN982 ISO norm 833 EN414
    • Ultra tight construction provides environmental protection from leaks
    • Tight, smooth surface resists abrasive wear (42 picks per inch)
    • 50% less bulky than traditional Cordura sleeve
    • Densely twisted polyimide 6 yarn offers optimum UV and abrasion protection
    • MSHA approved
    • Exceeds the following abrasion tests: 1. ISO 6945 abrasion standard, 2. ISO 8031 conductivity standard
    • Easily cut to length with scissors or heat knife

    Available in the below sizes. Ships as 1- 300 ft. roll. Sleeve dispenser also available.

    Part #'s 9S0002 - 9S0017
    Suburban Mfg. TEXS17 - TEXS93

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