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  • Femco® Standard Oil Drain Plugs


    The drain systems of Femco® guarantees that no liquids are spilled during the process and are very easy to operate. The Femco® drain plug, made of solid brass, is permanently installed in the liquid reservoir. When it’s time to drain the liquid, remove the dustcover,
    attach the Femco® drain connector, the valve opens and the liquid flows straight to the container.

    In 1983 Femco® introduced the Standard plug to make routine oil changes a quick, clean and more environmentally friendly job. The Standard plug is manufactured out of 100% brass, which makes it easy to change hot oil*. Additionally, the oil drain plug features a dust cover and a double O-ring, which protects the plug and ensures reliable performance.

    The standard oil drain plug works on a wide range of applications and in a wide variety of industries, like vehicles, earth moving machinery, transport, agriculture, and shipping.

    Besides easy, clean and quick use, the drain systems of Femco® offer many other interesting advantages to their users:

    • The user automatically contributes to a sustainable environment. The product can therefore be part of a company’s CSR policy.
    • The plug of is permanently installed so problems like broken drain plugs or stripped threads are avoided.
    • Less liquids are consumed and clothes, hands, floors, etc. don’t have to be cleaned as often. The working environment will improve.
    • The liquids can be drained without a risk of sand or soil entering the machine. This helps extend the life of the equipment.

    Femco® Standard Drain Plugs

    Fittings are available in over 500 sizes and thread patterns; if what you need isn't listed, give us a call at 563-872-5065.

    Femco® Standard Drainers

    7G1021 - 650103   Straight Drainer, 10" Hose

    7G1022 - 650121   45° Drainer, 10" Hose

    7G1023 - 650108   90° Drainer, 10" Hose

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