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HP-100 Piston Fuel Hand Pump

$235.00 $238.00

GPI hand pumps are portable, install quickly, reduce lifting and prevent messy fluid transfer. Use with fuel, oils, hydraulic or transmission fluids and kerosene. 2" NPT tank fitting.

  • Dual-flo® handle provides high volume and low volume settings.
  • Pumps fluid on both the push and pull strokes for fast delivery
  • Built-in anti-siphon valve
  • Flowrate up to 50 gallons per 100 strokes
  • Suction Pipe is adjustable to 40”
  • Use with diesel fuel (biodiesel blends B20), gasoline (alcohol blends E15), hydraulic fluid, kerosene and oil (up to 30 wt.)
  • Static wire hose and metal spout

114000-10 1J0012

Part # 1J0012