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50’ Fluorescent Reel Light


Solid fluorescent worklight features 2 cool running 13 watt fluorescent bulbs for a total of 26 watts of light. Built in single grounded outlet (12 amp) makes it apossible to plug directly into handle. Electronic ballast provides instant no flicker cold weather starts. Dual integrated swivel hooks and removable magnet for hands free use. Flame retardant polypropylene handle attached to a 50 foot retractable cord inside of a heavy duty polymer reel. Integrated circuit breaker.

  • 50’ 14/3 SJTW black cord 
  • Yellow Body, White Floodlight
  • Includes mounting brackets for attaching the reel to wall or ceiling
  • Voltage rating 125 Volt AC
  • Current rating 12 Amp
  • Load Capacity 1440 Watt
  • Power Source AC
  • Dual body rocker switch

Part # 7N0191 BYSL-8908

May ship separately.

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