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500 Series LED 1200 Lumen Work Lights

$152.00 $88.20

Five high performance LED’s feature a patented cooling system to secure high output, performance and long life.  The light source from its 22W LED engine is equivalent to a 70W Halogen.  Meets the highest quality demands of the vehicle, forest and mining industry.

  • Pedestal/suspended mounting
  • DT connector with pigtail
  • Brightness in day light color, 6000 K
  • Flux 1200 Lumen bulb
  • Multi-voltage, 12-80V
  • Extremely long life (20,000 hours)
  • High vibration resistance
  • 4.016”W x 3.85”H x 3.15” deep
Choose from Flood or Long Range Light Pattern.
Part # 3A0063 / 3A0064
Ships in 7-10 days