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  • Prepaid Oil Analysis Kit & Sampling Accessories


      Oil Test Kit includes instructions, bottle, shipping container, and lab analysis. Use for routine oil analysis for diesel engines, transmissions, gear cases, or hydraulic oil reports on wear metals and additives. Sampling accessories include plastic tubing and sampling pump to simplify your oil analysis during the normal maintenance routines.

    Sample Processing/Reporting
    Once the oil sample reaches the lab, we will process it within 24 hours. You will be notified by phone/fax if critical conditions are present. Note: You should send your sample(s) as soon as possible after they are taken. The oil samples do not “break down,” but any long delay between sampling and analysis can be crucial if a unit is failing.

    Features of the Report:

    • Up to 6 sets of test results (current and 5 previous) displayed
    • Spectrochemical and Physical results underlined where applicable
    • Full headings for all results
    • Text explanations are listed on the back

    Part # 6F0007 X011592 Oil Test Kit, Includes 10 kits.