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  • Super Add-A-Valve 40


    The Super Add-A-Valve 40 turns one valve into two with a 45 GPM flow at a reasonable price. This valve plumbs into the existing hydraulic lines between the directional valve and cylinder. It can be mounted anywhere; for example, on a front end loader this valve would mount on the boom to add a grapple function.
    The Control Grip Handle mounts on your remote lever in the cab for easy one handed operation. All you do is move the handle to direct the flow for your primary function or press the switch and hold while directing the flow for your secondary operation.
    The Super Add-A-Valve works well for adding functions to heavy equipment such as industrial front end loaders, bulldozers, and earthmovers. Two year warranty from date of purchase on manufacturing defects.

    • Adds one extra function
    • 45 GPM, 4,500 PSI
    • Works on any tractor, open or closed center systems
    • One handed operation
    • Easy to mount
    • Commercial grade sealed switch
    • Optional lock-on switch for continuous operations
    • 12V or 24V coils (24V standard)
    • Compact size: 4x4x11 inches

    V&M Hydraulic

    7T0002 HCGSADV
    7T0003 HCGSADV24