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  • Torque Jack


    Drill powered or manual powered trailer jack operating system. DOES NOT INCLUDE JACK. Does include Torque Jack gear box, handle, latch, hardware and instructions

    Throw your "S" handle as far as you can and replace it with Torque Jack!

    Simply slide the Torque Jack gear set over your existing jack axle, affix the bold, weld the lath and experience powered Jack operation for $100's less than anything else on the market!

    *Still operates manually if a drill is not available.

    This kit is really designed for the single jack trailers. Your typical 10k, 12 or 14k, tiltbed or ramp skid loader trailer with a square jack set up. It will work on SOME dual jack set ups but it is hard on your drill, slow and not designed for that set up. It works GREAT for the single jack set ups.


    Ships directly from mfg.