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  • TorqueDrive™ Center Line Chain Binders


    Faster and Safer tie down and release. Tighter chains every time.
    Torque Drive binders will save considerable time, effort, and arm strain by completely eliminating the manual ratcheting process by conventional binders to tie down loads. Operators only need to hold the TorqueDrive™ handle and operate their portable drill, spending 50-80% less time tieing down and releasing loads.

    • Ideal for tight areas. In confined situations, TorqueDrive™ can be 20 to 30 times faster, allowing for total powered rotation, where a manual binder may only be able to get a quarter rotation or less.
    • Powers Through dirty or neglected threads on binders. Simply adjust the torque setting on your portable drill.
    • Built to Last. Manufactured with heat treated, forged components for a long dependable life. Smooth operation, due to a precision aligned worm gear assembly with grease fitting, for years of trou-ble free service.
    • Manufactured toWSTDA-T6 standards. G70 Rated.
    • We recommend an 18 volt cordless drill with at least 200lbs of torque. You will need a 3/8 adapter and 3/4” socket to operate.

    Choose from 2 options:

    3E0002 3E0003

    Ships directly from mfg.

    speed binder 3e0004 3e0005 td92 td54 torque binder speedbinder