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TUFF-EDGE® II Polyester Web Slings: Type 5 Endless, 4 Ply, 2-6" W


2X Stronger After Abrasion; 2X Better Edge Cut Resistance
You can expect longer sling life and lower overall costs when you switch to Tuff-Edge II Slings. Resistance to the two properties that can rapidly degrade webbing,  abrasion and edge cutting, is greatly improved with the use of our Tuff-Edge II webbing. Using Federal Test Method 191A, Tuff-Edge II webbing was tested against standard yellow polyester webbing. After being subjected to the same number of hex bar abrasion cycles, the Tuff-Edge II webbing, with its’ special silver treatment, achieved average break strengths that were twice that of the standard yellow webbing! In a test developed specifically to measure edge cutting properties, the cut depth on the Tuff-Edge II webbing with special polymer edge yarns cut less than half the depth of the standard yellow polyester without the special edge yarns.
  Although you should always pad and protect synthetic slings from load edges, normal wear and tear should be greatly reduced when using Tuff-Edge II, giving you greater sling life and reduced sling costs. U. S. Patent No. 4856387.

Saves Money

  • Special polymer coated edge yarns improve edge cutting and abrasion to extend sling life
  • Silver colored web treatment fights abrasion for additional sling life
  • Tuff-Tag provides required OSHA information for the life of the sling, not just the life of the tag

Promotes Safety

  • Red Core yarn warning system aids in the inspection process
  • Tuff-Tag provides serial numbered identification for traceability
  • Proven sling web construction

Saves Time

  • Easy identification - silver body, blue edges, blue center stripe

    Type 5  Endless Slings (EN)

    Endless slings are versatile and the most economically priced. They can be used in all 3 types of hitches. The sling can be rotated to minimize wear. The sling legs can be spread for improved load balance.
    Choose from 2", 3", 4", and 6" Widths. Additional widths / 2 Ply available.

    • Four Ply x 2"W Rated Capacity: 19,800 lbs Vertical x 15,800 lbs Choker x 39,600 lbs V. Basket.
    • Four Ply x 3"W Rated Capacity: 26,700 lbs Vertical x 21,300 lbs Choker x 53,400 lbs V. Basket.
    • Four Ply x 4"W Rated Capacity: 35,600 lbs Vertical x 28,400 lbs Choker x 71,200 lbs V. Basket.
    • Four Ply x 6"W Rated Capacity: 50,500 lbs Vertical x 40,400 lbs Choker x 101,000 lbs V. Basket.

    *Do not exceed rated capacities. Sling capacity decreases as the angle from horizontal decreases.  Slings should not be used at angles of less than 30°.

    Also available in 1" to 6" Widths, 2 Ply and 4 Ply. Call 563-872-5065 to order direct.

    Ships directly from LiftAll. 3-4 day lead time.

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