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  • Spectra Precision® Universal Laser UL633N


    The most versatile construction laser, ever.  The UL633N is the first construction laser to enable total control of all three axes (X/Y/Z). This is accomplished via a completely new “fan beam” technology for the Z axis. Utilizing Spectra Precision’s know how, the UL633N is the most advanced and yet easiest-to-use product on the jobsite.


    • Full control for horizontal level, single or dual grade, vertical alignments or setting out 90° angles- providing the ability to do so much more from one single laser
    • High precision alignment for grades – align automatically to your grade hub for accurate grade set-ups on X, Y or XY axis simultaneously. Only grade laser on the market that provides the ability to have a second grade axis that can be set from 10° to 170°. For car park set ups or other applications where two grade axes are not at 90°. No need to spend time calculating the set-up just align to the receivers and start working
    • Grade matching – measures and displays the grade between 2 elevations over unknown ground also simultaneously on two axes
    • Precise control for high accuracy applications such as concrete floors – the laser will lock onto the receiver and stay fixed in the on-grade position all day eliminating costly drift caused by temperature fluctuations – Planelok
    • Fast vertical alignment – laser will align either to the receiver or SpotFinder for vertical alignments such as façade installation, building axis alignment or kerbs.
    • Rapid 90° degree layout – set a 90° angle in seconds with no complex calculations
    • Various power options – keeping you working when you need to work
    • Intuitive menu driven operation – no secret button pressing, select your mode and start working
    • Versatility to fit any construction application providing more value and higher return on your investment – do more with one product


      • Leveling concrete forms and footers
      • Vertical alignment for anchor bolts, building axis, facades and form alignment
      • Dual slope grading and steep slope excavation
      • Slope work for sports fields, driveways, parking garages and ramps
      • Layout of concrete pads and for any job requiring 90° layout outdoors

      • UL633N Universal Laser
      • RC603N Remote Control
      • 2 x HL760 Laser Receiver
      • 2 x Clamp C70 for Receiver
      • 105516 Vertical Adapter for HL Receiver
      • SF601 Spot Finder w/Sun Shield
      • Q104865 Spot Finder Adaptor incl. Rubber Strap
      • Worldwide Charger
      • Q104667 NiMH Battery pack
      • Operating Manual
      • Carrying Case

      Part# 7S0044

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