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  • Slope Meter


    SLOPE METER INC. Manufacturers of instruments that "Help you make the Grade" for over 60 years.

    Slope meters are accurate to 1 degree with a 1 second response. 3.5 x 8.5 x 1" Size. Aluminum cast.
    Mount on the dash in the operator's view for fast, accurate readings for any slope. The Slope Meter enables the operator to construct true slopes without waves, and do night work just as accurately as in daylight. The hermetically sealed Slope Meter is not affected by rain, dust, snow, or sleet.

    Choose from 3 styles:

    Slope Meter No. 1 (image 1)

    Used for all slope and crown construction. The figures shown on the scale represent slope. For example, when the indicator ball is over number “8”, it indicates an “8-to-1” slope. The small triangles (shown between 0 and 8) represent degrees, for reference purposes. Slope-Meter “No. 1” is widely used on motor graders, bulldozers, and similar equipment. Range "24 to 1" - "2 to 1" (slope)

    Part # 5S0002

    Slope Meter No. 2 (image 5) 

    Used to determine “percent of grade” and is calibrated to read from .00 to .12 (0-12%). The “No. 2” aids the operator and speeds work on motor graders, asphalt pavers, wheel ditches, tunneling machines, and other equipment where exacting specifications are required. Range: 0-12% (% of grade)

    Part # 5S0003

    Steep Slope Meter (image 8) 
    Calibrated in percentage of grade from 0 to 50%. A major use for this meter is in all areas where a steeper slope reading is needed. This product works well on bulldozers and similar equipment. Range: 0-50% (% of grade)

    Part # 5S0004

    Download Instruction Sheet.

    Download Slope Conversion Tables.