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  • Air Filter Blaster MAX - Portable Unit


    Air Filter Blaster is a new patented method for air filter cleaning that dramatically reduces air filter replacement and fuel usage on motorized equipment. The technology has been proven in extensive field trials.
    The system requires no expensive add-ons or external devices – it requires only a simple source of compressed air. Ports within the Air Filter Blaster’s centrifugal forced air induction chamber create a shaft rotation that uniformly vibrates and discards dirt and particles from the inside of the air filter outwards. Although the process is simple and direct, cost savings for a single application upon even small sets of equipment may well pay back the acquisition cost in a single application!
    By reducing fuel usage, filter replacements and landfill charges, Air Filter Blaster generates significant ongoing cost savings while helping your company achieve green fleet goals.

    Portable Unit

    The Portable Unit is designed to be taken directly into the field or on the road as a portable air filter cleaner for diesel engines air filters or any piece of equipment with a canister style filter. The Portable Unit can also be used as a dedicated tool on a single piece of movable equipment that has a diesel engine air filter or a canister style filter.  The Filter Blaster utilizes patented technology to clean your diesel engine air filter or canister style filter quickly, effectively but most importantly SAFELY!!

    The standard Portable Unit comes conveniently packed in a secure and durable carrying case along with the 6" rotor head. Each case has slots to accommodate all of our different sized rotors that are sold separately as optional rotors so you can build your kit with only the rotors that you need to clean your air filters. The standard portable unit will clean filters up to 25 inches tall. 3", 4.5" and 9" rotors are available but are sold separately.

    The Portable Unit can be taken directly to the field to clean your diesel engine air filters or any other canister style filters and only requires a compressor with 90 PSI capabilities!


    • One 6” rotor head to fit the most common filters
    • Filter Blaster Induction chamber
    • Protective hard case
    Part # 8A0002

    Additional Rotor Heads 

    • 3" Rotor Head - For filters w/ inside diameter 3 - 4-1/2"  8A0004
    • 4-1/2" Rotor Head - For filters w/ inside diameter 4-1/2" - 6"  8A0005
    • 6" Rotor Head - For filters w/ inside diameter 6" - 9" 8A0006
    • 9" Rotor Head - For filters w/ inside diameter 9" or greater 8A0007
    Available for purchase separately here.
    Part #'s 8A0004 - 8A0007

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