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  • Donaspin™ Pre-Cleaners


    Extends Filter Life in Extremely Heavy Dust Conditions
    The Donaspin Pre-Cleaner extends the life of your air filter by removing up to 90% of dirt and contaminant before it reaches the filter and ejecting it automatically via the exhaust. Donaspin is designed especially for equipment operating in very heavy dust/debris environments.


    • For engine airflows of 305 to 800 cfm
    • Mount on top of the air inlet stack; mounting clamp included
    • Built-in louvers spin air to separate incoming dirt and debris from the air intake system
    • Durable, corrosion-resistant steel
    • Works as part of a scavenged flow system to continuously expel pre-cleaned contaminants through the exhaust flow
    • High efficiency with low restriction
    • No maintenance! Self-cleaning!
    • No moving parts!

    See image 3 for dimensions A-F

    May ship directly from Donaldson. Ships in 1-3 days.

    6F0102 H001212
    6F0103 H001215
    6F0104 H001308
    6F0105 H001375

    Donaldson Precleaner