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  • BritePlus MX and AlumiWash, 5 Gallon


    BritePlus MX and AlumiWash 5 Gallon Bucket

    Superior Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaning

    BritePlus MX and AlumiWash restore the lustre and shine on brushed, raw or polished metal surfaces. Don’t risk damage from harsh acidic cleaners—like at the commercial truck wash. These superior metal cleaners make dull and dirty surfaces look great! Without harming the original surface.

    • Use BritePlus MX on raw or brushed surfaces. Clean stained and oxidized aluminum.
    • Use AlumiWash RTU (Silver BritePlus MX) on polished surfaces. Maintain newer polished aluminum and stainless steel.
    • A 2.5 gallon container is normally enough product to clean a 20 ft. trailer twice.
    • BritePlus is based on agricultural products which make it safe, effective, environmentally friendly and easy to use.
    • Get professional cleaning results at home!
    • Proven worldwide - used by auction and rental companies worldwide
    • Ready to use - no mixing required
    • Safe and easy - user friendly, easiest and safest way to clean aluminum & stainless steel
    • Environmentally friendly - ag-powered, environmentally safe and biodegradable

    BritePlus MX - Our most popular aluminum cleaner!

    Part # 4D0007

    BritePlus MX is the choice for superior cleaning of natural, brushed and painted aluminum and stainless steel.* Cleans stained and oxidized aluminum. Formulated to tackle the toughest stains!
    BritePlus MX cuts through yellow stains, black streaks, haze and other discolorations. BritePlus MX cleans and brightens faded and oxidized aluminum. BritePlus MX even works great on painted surfaces.
    BritePlus is a proven cleaner for your toughest jobs like over the road trailers, engine compartments, SUV wheels, and more.
    Apply with a standard weed sprayer or a bucket and soft-bristled brush. No mixing required!

    *Do not use on polished aluminum, use AlumiWash for those applications

    AlumiWash RTU (Silver BritePlus MX)

    Part # 4D0005

    Choose AlumiWash if you’re cleaning and maintaining new or polished aluminum, or stainless steel.
    AlumiWash is a proven cleaner for very reflective, high-shine, and polished metal surfaces - like newer cattle trailers, tankers, polished wheels, and tanks. Our most gentle formulation - will not harm polished surfaces.

    Apply with a standard weed sprayer or a bucket and soft-bristled brush. No mixing required!

    May ship separately.

    Also available in 2.5 Gallon Container here.

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