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  • Combi Bead Breaker


    The ESCO 10101 Pro Series Combi Bead Breaker is used for breaking beads on commercial and agricultural tires. Works on any single, two and three piece wheels. This hydraulic tool will work with any 10,000 psi hydraulic pump, not included. Breaks bead in seconds using 28,0000 lbs of force. The Combi Bead Breaker pushes the tire away from the wheel. The tool hydraulically clamps to the rim flange of the wheel, then once clamped a second hydraulic cylinder activates and extends the foot of the bead breaker pushing the tire bead off the rim. Great for farm, truck, tractor, grader, combine and skid tires. Designed to work on the front or back of wheel with no attachments or accessories.   

    • Will work with any 10,000 psi hydraulic pump
    • 14 ton ram will break the toughest beads
    • Durable alloy steel construction
    • Teeth and pushing foot are replaceable
    • Works on any single, two and three piece truck or tractor wheels

    Hydraulic Hose available for purchase separately.

    Part # 3G0006 ESCO 10101;
    Hydraulic Hose 10603 10604 10610 10611

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