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  • Contractor Full Body Stretchable Harness, Universal, 400 lb


    Miller by Honeywell E650/UGN DuraFlex 650 Series Full-Body Stretchable Harness with Mating Buckle Legs Straps, Universal, Green

    This full-body stretchable harnesses with elastomer webbing includes friction buckle shoulder straps and mating buckle legs straps. Features a specially-formulated elastomer webbing that stretches to provide greater comfort, improved safety and increased productivity. Harness maximizes comfort by conforming to the shape of the worker, stretching with every movement, so there is no bunching, binding or kinking. It offers wider end-user acceptance.

    A comfortable harness is worn properly, enhancing compliance and safety on the jobsite. The worker has greater mobility with less fatigue. Soft and flexible D-ring back pad further enhances comfort. Self-contained label pack encapsulates labels minimizing damage and loss.

    • Integrated and oversized pull-free lanyard rings.
    • Recommended for construction and manufacturing industry use.
    • Confined space and fall from height hazards.
    • Meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards.
    • Harness is rated to 400-Pound maximum working capacity.
    • Available in universal size and green color.
    • Measures 11-Inch length by 8-1/2" width by 5" height.