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  • CST/berger Magna-Trak 202


    The CST/berger Magna-Trak MT202 has all the features needed in a magnetic locator, ergonomically designed for complete one-handed operation so your other hand is free to use other equipment.

    • Locate ferrous objects underground, underwater, or in snow; PK Nails, Iron Pipes, Valve Covers, Masonry Nails, Manhole Covers, Cast Iron Water Lines, Gas Lines, Surveyors Markers and More.
    • Object Depth. Depth Reception various on ground surface and mass of object.
    • Small Masonry Nail: up to 6 inches
    • Large Masonry Nail: up to 8 inches
    • Valve Box: up to 8 feet
    • Manhole Cover: up to 8 feet
    • 5" Iron Pipe: up to 8 feet
    • Large Iron Tank: up to 15 feet
    • Large LCD Display
    • Digital readout and bar graph allow you to locate visually
    • Used with audio tone allows for pinpoint accuracy, even in congested search areas
    • Segmented battery level indicator means no power loss surprises
    • Indicator cautions when detecting a power line
    • Erase Function: Lets you block out interference from a magnetic disturbance (such as a nearby fence)
    • Membrane Switch:Lets you adjust volume and sensitivity with the same hand that holds the locator
    • No mechanical controls, membrane is sealed from dust and moisture
    • Magnetic Speaker:
    • Enhanced to produce a richer tone for easier locating.
    • Engineered Body
    • Lightweight (only 3 lbs.)
    • Water-resistant housing permits use in the rain
    • Ergonomic handle with textured grip
    • Six "AA" 11/2 Volt Batteries, 100 hours of intermittent operation (with alkaline batteries)
    • 4' - 2 3/4" Length.
    • Five year manufacturer's limited warranty

    CST berger

    Part # 2D0235 MT202

    Ships directly from CST Berger.