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  • Cyclone X Bead Seater, 5 Gal


    Makes seating the most difficult bead not only safe but simple, fast and economical.  Has a 5-gallon
    capacity ASME certified tank designed for commercial use on all tires, ATV to 24.5” truck tires. The
    welded tab on Cyclone X barrel allows it to lock securely on the rim edge for better control of air
    discharge between the tire and wheel.

    • Safely rests on your leg at a 45° angle to the wheel
    • The discharge valve design allows tank discharge in one quick motion
    • Equipped with three safety features:
      - safety release valve is pre-set at 160 PSI
      - on/off ball valve allows controlled filling of the tank
      - large air gauge accurately monitors tank air volume

    Part # 3G0072 ESCO 20390

    Ships directly from Esco, typically within 1-2 business days.