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  • Dakota Shine Kits


    Dakota Shine is a unique and patented product that will restore the color, lustre and  value to faded and oxidized surfaces like paint, decals, plastics and more. Dakota Shine is a ready-to-use product that requires no mixing. There is no product to waste or dispose of, simply pour any leftover product back into the container.  Designed to penetrate the surface to rejuvenate the pigments to their original, like-new appearance. Dakota Shine is a very cost-effective substitute to repainting oxidized surfaces, replacing faded decals or wet-sanding and waxing.

    Kits include Dakota Prep, a safe and easy-to-use surface prep product that will remove wax buildup, grease, oxidation and grime from a variety of surfaces. Dakota Prep must be used to prepare surfaces before the application of Dakota Shine.

    Compatible Surfaces: Painted surfaces, decals/vinyl lettering, plastics, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, rubber, and more!

    Recommended for: Heavy Equipment/mining, aerial equipment, highway technology, construction equipment, farm machinery & garden tractors, medium/heavy duty trucks, semi-tractors, motorhomes/coaches, boats/yachts, steel buildings. *Not recommended on pure white.


    • Most effective and easiest way to extend the life of faded and oxidized surfaces
    • Less costly to apply than paint or wax
    • Penetrates the surface, so there are no overspray lines to buff out
    • Quick drying time decreases the overall turn-around time of the application
    • Surfaces maintain like-new appearance, which is proven to keep resale values higher
    • No mixing is required, so there is less waste and no disposal requirements
    • Works on any size surface

    A Paint Gun is required for application.

    Choose from three kit sizes:

    Pro Kit 

    4D0001 00400  (Ships as a case of 2 Pro Kits)

    Will do a medium sized pickup or tractor. Estimated 100 sq. ft coverage.

    • 1 Quart of Dakota Prep
    • 1 Quart Dakota Shine 
    • 5 Dakota Shine Scrub Pads (heavy duty)
    • Instructions in box

    Small Industrial Kit

    4D0002 01101
    Will do 2-3 mid sized pickups or tractors. Estimated 400 sq. ft. coverage.
    Convenient Kit for the Professional and Moderate-User.
    *Paint Gun Required

    • 1 Gallon of Dakota Prep
    • 1 Gallon of Dakota Shine
    • 1 16 oz. Can Dakota Shine Aerosol
    • 6 Dakota Shine Scrub Pads (heavy duty)
    • Instructions in box

    Medium Industrial Kit

    4D0003 00200
    Will do 8 or more medium sized pickups or 4 to 6 medium-sized tractors. Estimated 800 sq. ft. coverage.
    Convenient Kit for the Professional and Heavy-User.

    *Paint Gun Required


    • 1 Gallon of Dakota Prep
    • 2 Gallons of Dakota Shine
    • 3 16 oz. Cans Dakota Shine Aerosol
    • 8 Dakota Shine Scrub Pads (Heavy Duty)
    • Instructions in box

    Ships directly from Dakota Shine.

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