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  • DC/DC Converters


    ServiceMate heavy duty DC to DC converters have an extended input range. Designed for use on 24v, 36v, 48v equipment to enable use of standard 12 volt lights, radios, cell phones, two-way radios and computers. Less than 40 mv p-p ripple. Output voltage: 13.5/13.9 (will not vary out of this range). 5T0265 includes an added fifth wire for ignition on/off sensing,


    • Weather Proof
    • Vibration Resistant
    • Switched Voltage Regulation
    • High Efficiency
    • Short Circuited Protected
    • Thermal Protected
    • Soft Start (for starting inductive loads)
    • Reverse Voltage Protection
    • Input and Output Filtering
    • Two Year Limited Warranty

    Choose from 5T0264 SM2412-5 (photo 1) and 5T0265 SM2412-15 (photo 2)

    *NOTE: 5T0265 is the only model actually designed for use on electrical vehicles with re-generative braking. Re-generative braking develops tremendous voltage spikes that will cause failure to the 5T0264 converter unless an appropriate noise spike filter (5T0266- below) is installed. Failure of converter due to lack of noise spike filter on an electric vehicle equipped with re-generative braking will void the factory warranty.

    May ship separately.