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  • Direct Connect Hooks


    DC Hooks are the quickest and easiest way to add hooks to Tuflex roundslings and web slings at your job site. No tools or extra parts needed. For Tuflex, just match the color coded hook to the same color Tuflex and you’re ready to go. Rated capacities are the same for both the hook and the Tuflex.

    • Rugged - Both alloy steel hook and latch are forged for superior toughness
    • Color Coded - Hook color matches Tuflex color for easy identification
    • Tuflex - 4 hook sizes to match Tuflex sizes EN30(Purple), EN60(Green), EN90(Yellow) and EN150(Red)
    • Web Slings - Can be used with 1” and 2” web slings (see chart below). Hook ratings should equal or exceed sling ratings as used

    9L0471 9L0472 9L0473 9L0474 kuftakk DCH1 DCH2 DCH3 DCH4

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