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  • Dump Body Vibrators


    • Frees frozen, sticky and wet material from dump body sides and floor
    • Saves time & money with faster dumping
    • Reduces wear & tear on body & hydraulics
    • O-ring sealed for weather resistance
    • Sealed, permanently lubricated bearings
    • Hardened steel motor shaft
    • Lightweight, aluminum housing for ease of installation with less corrosion
    • Mounting kit includes: 50’ 4AWG wire, solenoid, circuit breaker, push-button switch, steel mounting plate with fasteners.

    Choose from the below options:

    • 4C0091 2,500 lbs Force Vibrator for 5-8 cu. yd. Dumps
    • 4C0092 3,500 lbs Force Vibrator for 8-30 cu. yd. Dumps