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Fiberglass Survey & Utility Markers


Ideal for identifying property boundaries, gas pipelines, telephone cables, valve boxes, manholes, right of way easements, meter locations, etc. Weather-resistant, each marker is made of lightweight, continuous glass fiber-reinforced composite which is extremely UV-resistant and temperature stable. For easy installation, use the optional post driver– just insert the marker into the driver with the pointed-end exposed; then, rotate the driver into installation position and drive the marker into the soil with a series of light taps until you reach the desired depth.

Note: Survey markers include label. Utility markers are sold plain.

All Markers are 66" Long x 3-3/4" Wide EXCEPT the Orange "Survey" Marker, which is 2-5/8" wide.

Part #'s 3H0127 - 3H0134
Shipping is higher due to long-length.