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  • Flange Wizard® Wizard Burning Guides Case


    A person who works with pipe needs the finest tools available and a way to protect them when not in use. The tools assembled in this Wizard Burning Guides case are for burning and fabricating jobs. The Flange Wizard® universal cutting burning guide kit comes with everything you need to make perfect straight line cuts and burn circles or holes with your oxy/fuel cutting torch. Fits all brands of cutting torches and cutting attachments.

    Case (15″L x 10″W x 3-1/2″ Deep) Includes:

    • 1 – Chariot Cutting Guide #24219-11 (will cover straight & radius cuts along with hole burning from 5/8″ to 25″ diameter.)
    • 1 – Magnetic Degree Base w/Straight Pin & 5/8″ Square Point Pin Holder #77350-D (for larger holes & radiuses)
    • 2 – ON/OFF Magnetic Blocks #MSB202 (great for clamping on squares & straight edges)
    • 1 – Magnetic Tape Holder #89754 (third hand when working alone)
    • 1 – Flange Wizard Catalog
    • 1 – FREE BONUS Torch Tip Standoff #70501 (protects torch tip end by controlling the distance from the material)

    Non-stock item; if there is a shipping delay we will let you know. Made in the USA.

    9G0017 8910