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  • Grease Joint Rejuvenator®


    Save on expensive repairs with this hard-to-find, commercial-grade solution. Opens clogged grease joints and fittings quickly and effortlessly!
    Unique 1144 stress-proof steel tool allows clogged grease joints or fittings to take on grease by injecting light viscosity oil into the joint through the fitting, which loosens hardened grease that won’t allow the new grease to flow through.  Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.
    How It Works: Remove the piston and fill the tool with penetrating oil. Place the end of the tool on the grease fitting and tap the piston head with a hammer until it starts to move down into the tool body. The hydraulic pressure created by tapping on the piston forces the penetrating oil into the grease joint to the blockage.

    • Pro Kit includes Pro Joint Rejuvenator® and a flexible 5”, 4,800 psi hose extension to access hard-to-reach fittings. Weighs 1 lb.(image 2). Part # 7N0497
    • Master Kit includes Includes Pro Joint Rejuvenator® and Pocket Model, along with 5”, 4,800 psi flexible hose extension and extra grease coupler.  Weighs 1-1/2 lbs. (image 3). Part # 7N0081