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  • Hastings Non-Conductive Fiberglass Telescoping Measuring Rods


    Designed for quick, one-man measurements of vertical or horizontal distances up to 50’. Extends for measurement, retracts to 69˝ for storage. Measurements are read directly, no calculations are necessary. Non-conductive. Made of tough, durable fiberglass. Features a Voltage Rating of 100,000 volts per foot per 5 minutes. Excellent for measuring heights of trees, power lines, ceilings, and dimensions of woodpiles. Can also be used to measure horizontal surfaces, such as width of streams or distance between tree seedlings.

    Available in English or Metric.

    • English Rods: Graduated in feet, inches, and half-inches. All figures and graduations in black. Background color is yellow. 69" Retracted.
    • Metric Rods: Graduated in meters, decimeters, and centimeters. Meter figures in red. All other figures and graduations are black. Background color is yellow. 1.75m Retracted.
    Part #'s 3H0089 - 3H0097

    Shipping includes additional handling charges because of long length. May be a 1-2 week lead time depending on inventory.