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  • Spectra Precision® CR600 Combination Laser Receiver


    Advanced receiver can be machine or rod mounted for increased productivity. Use for digging footings, basement excavation, checking sub-base materials, setting and checking elevations, leveling and aligning forms, screeding concrete.


    • Provides high, low, or on-grade information for all your grading and excavation applications up to 1,500 ft. (460 m) radius.
    • In addition to handheld and rod-mounted capabilities, the CR600 system includes a quick disconnect rod clamp (7S0012) and a machine magnetic clamp (7S0010) so it can be used as a machine-control mounted receiver in a wide range of job site applications.
    • Magnesium housing is rugged but lightweight.
    • Super-bright LED display can be easily seen by a machine operator in brightly lit conditions.
    • 270-degree reception for easy visibility of on-grade beam.
    • Five on-grade sensitivities to customize need to application.
    • Two-year warranty.
    • Can be used with any brand rotating red laser.
    Part #7S0008

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