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  • High Pressure Grease Control Valve


      Lincoln LN740 High Pressure Grease Control Valve

      • 7500 psi maximum operating pressure.
      • Precision-machined, all steel handle, body and guard bracket provides durability and longevity.
      • Unique, precision control inlet check valve provides ease of handle operation even with increase in pressure.
      • Knurled handle for positive grip.
      • Handy trigger guard prevents pinching.
      • Reversible inlet check seat and hydraulic jaws provide double life.
      • Balanced design reduces user fatigue.
      • Lubricant inlet 1/4" NPT(f); outlet 1/8" NPT(f).
      • Easily repaired for extended life.
      • Rigid tube extension

      High-Pressure Swivels

      • Available in Straight, 90° Angle, or Universal.
      • 1/2"-27(m) x 1/4" NPT (m)

      2N0031 Control Valve
      2N0032 LN82399 Straight, 2N0033 LN81974 90°, 2N0034 LN81387 Universal