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  • Hilton Cordless, Mobile, Propane Coolant Heater


    Hilton Cordless, Mobile, Propane Coolant Heater

    The Hilton cordless engine heater has been designed to preheat all liquid-cooled engines that require preheating to start in cold weather. The Hilton heater also eliminates the need to idle diesel engines in cold weather.  Electricity from the vehicle activates the heater, allowing it to operate anywhere. The Hilton cordless engine heater is a catalytic burner, providing safe flameless heat. It uses 5.4 oz. of propane per hour, which produces 6,500 btu. Hilton heaters are available for both 12-volt and 24-volt installation. A 20# cylinder of propane will last approximately 60 hours. The B Series heater produces more than double the amount of heat of the LP 6500 heater, and is an excellent choice for quick engine starting and for people who want to heat the motor and have extra heat for other applications such as heating the bunk area, fuel or hydraulics.

    Features and Benefits

    • Catalytic Combustion
    • Maintenance Free - No Moving Parts
    • Easy Installation - Complete Instructions Included
    • Cordless - Park Anywhere - No Need for External Power
    • Easy to Operate - Activated by a Switch in the Cab
    • Economical to Use
    • Less Wear and Tear on Equipment/Machinery
    • More Money in Your Pocket

    Heater comes with mounting bar, fuel pressure regulator, and a wiring harness that connects to the on/off switch. You will need to furnish the propane tank and hoses (3/4” heater hose and 1/4” flexible fuel fuel line hose).

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    LP 6500-12 LP 6500-24
    B Series-12 B Series-24

    Engine Heater Timer

    Programmable timer for Hilton heaters. Set your Hilton heater up to turn on at any time. Seven day, eight event programming. 12 or 24 volt operation. Manual or automatic programmable timer controls. User friendly.
    Part# 5J0006 Timer T-7-1