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Model 6024 12/24 V Load Tester


Full 125 Amp load tests 12 Volt and 24 Volt batteries, alternators, and starters on all types of vehicles. Durable and built for safety, lightweight and easy to use. Heavy-duty clamps and recessed meters to protect from damage. Perform these diagnostic tests: State of charge, Battery load test, Starter test, and Charging system test. Patent Pending. Comes with 1 year limited warranty.


  • Voltmeter: 0-35 Volts DC
  • Leads: 2’ 14/2
  • Clamps: 300A
  • Dimensions: 11”H x 6”W x 7”D
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Made in the USA
Part # 7N0365 6024