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  • Multi Seal® Hydro 1500™ Ballast-Filled Tire Sealant


    Preventative Maintenance for your Ballast-Filled Tires

    Are you looking for a solution to flats and leaks from your ballast-filled (water-filled) tires?  Do you need corrosion protection?  Do you require a sealant that works in cold-protected (alcohol, beet juice, calcium chloride), tubed or tubeless ballasted tires?  If so, HYDRO 1500™ Formula is the right choice.

    With just a 10% by volume replacement of ballast with HYDRO 1500™ Formula, you will significantly reduce flats, slow leaks, rim leaks, tube leaks and valve stem leaks while keeping ballast weight up and cold protection in tact.  HYDRO 1500™ is added through the valve stem (valve core removed).  Once your vehicle rolls, HYDRO 1500™ readily mixes in the ballast and is immediately ready to protect your tires from the hazards of off-road use.

    HYDRO 1500™ is protecting thousands of tires from job-stopping flats and leaks in vehicles and equipment for off-road use, including:

    • Tractors
    • Loaders
    • Cranes
    • Reach Forklifts

    HYDRO 1500™ is the most effective sealant for the preventative maintenance and protection of ballast-filled tires.  Superior science.  Superior sealants.

    Let us solve your under-inflation and flat tire problems. MULTI SEAL – superior science, superior sealants.

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    Sold as a 5 Gallon Bucket  - Part # 6N0010 30501

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