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  • Multi Seal® Armor 3500™ Extreme-Duty Tire Sealant

    $458.00 $440.00

    Developed for Military Use, Strong Enough for the Toughest Challenges

      ARMOR 3500™ sealant from MULTI SEAL® withstands extreme conditions, sealing punctures up to 1-1/4″. ARMOR 3500™ is formulated with aramid fibers (bullet proof vest type material), high tech suspension agents, fillers and corrosion inhibitors to keep your heavy equipment rolling, thus avoid costly downtime and equipment damage.

      ARMOR 3500™ has been field tested in a variety of applications, including military, agricultural, mining, and construction environments perfectly suited for use in many industrial vehicles, such as:

      • Sanitation Trucks
      • Articulated Loaders
      • Road Graders
      • Quarry Equipment
      • Logging Equipment
      • Military Vehicles

      As with our other formulations, ARMOR 3500™ allows for retreading, repairs, water washout, and lasts for the life of the tire.

      Don’t put up with job-stopping flats!

      Let us solve your under-inflation and flat tire problems. MULTI SEAL – superior science, superior sealants.

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      Sold as a 5 Gallon Bucket  Part # 6N0011 30401

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