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  • Multi Seal® FlatOut Tire Sealant with Kevlar®, Sportsman


      Go Anywhere! You can protect four ATV tires for less than you'd pay for just one replacement tire... talk about cheap insurance!

    FlatOut™ is a one-time tire sealant that prevents flats due to punctures up to 1/2’’ and stops slow leaks around the bead or valve stem or due the natural porosity of the tire. It is made of synthetic TangleTek™ fibers including KEVLAR™ and unique DamRight™ fillers suspended in our special Never-Settle™ base fluid (non-adhesive, non-toxic and freeze-resistant). When a puncture occurs, escaping air forces FlatOut™ into the wound creating an airtight fiber jam. Think beaver dam but with the fibers and fillers forming an amazingly durable plug! And, It’s proven, having been used in Military and industrial applications for decades!

    DON’T GIVE FLAT TIRES A SPORTING CHANCE: Save money, time, and stay safe while avoiding costly tire repairs with FlatOut, the revolutionary tire sealant that stops the leak before it happens

    CONTAINS SUPER-STRONG KEVLAR: Containing super-strong Kevlar fibers FlatOut Tire Sealant Sportsman Formula is water-washable, non-toxic and latex/adhesive-free so there is never a sticky mess to clean up

    24/7 PROTECTION: Use FlatOut Sportsman Formula tire sealant as a flat preventative by adding it to your tire and it will continually seal tread punctures up to ½ inch and virtually eliminate slow leaks for 10 + YEARS

    SPORTSMEN TESTED AND APPROVED: Trusted by sportsmen, heavy construction, agriculture, professional racers and other demanding off-road and all terrain vehicle users for years

    • Engineered for extreme terrain
    • Great for ATVs, UTVs / Side-by-Sides, Golf Carts, Dirt Bikes, Off-Road-Only Jeeps and more
    • Prevents up to 95% of flats 
    • Virtually eliminates slow leaks
    • Install now for 24/7 protection: Seals puncture after puncture for 10+ years!
    • Save money… Save time… Go anywhere!
    • Unique formula with super-strong KEVLAR fibers is non-toxic
    • Trusted by military, heavy construction, agriculture, delivery fleets and other demanding industrial users for over 35 years… MULTI SEAL Tire Sealant with KEVLAR brings that same extreme performance to you!

    How Much to Use:

    • Use one 32-ounce bag for each tire in most ATV, UTV, Golf Cart and Off-Road-Only Jeep applications.
    • One 32-ounce bag is enough for 4 dirt bike tires (most applications)

    Sold as a case of (8) 32 oz. bag

    Let us solve your under-inflation and flat tire problems. MULTI SEAL – superior science, superior sealants.

    Dosage Chart

    100% Compliant with California's Prop 65.

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