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  • Off Road LED Auxiliary Light Bars


    For half a century ABL Lights has developed and delivered lights to the world’s most demanding users – truck drivers, rally drivers and private drivers with a need or an urge to turn night into day. All of their development is based on scientific research, testing and state-of-the art technology, leading to ABL auxiliary lights being at the forefront of performance, with a light-pattern and range that is unequalled and a quality that will last.
    • Off road for pick-up, SUV, ATV, or 4x4
    • 5 Year warranty
    • 12/24 Volt
    • Install with tube mounts or sliding mounts, both included with bar

    3 Sizes Available:

    12" LED Light Bar, Spot

    9 Diodes x 3 Watts each, Single Row, 27 Watts, 2,000 Lumens

    Part# 3A0072 A2894A667704

    20" LED Light Bar, Spot/Flood

    18 Diodes x 3 Watts each, Single Row, 54 Watts, 4,200 Lumens

    Part# 3A0073 A2894A667804

    32" LED Light Bar, Spot/Flood

    60 Diodes x 3 Watts each, Double Row, 180 Watts, 14,000 Lumens

    Part# 3A0074 A2894A667904

    Ships in 7-10 days