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Permaloc Wire Rope Sling, Eye/Eye with Sliding Choker Hook (EESCH)


Permaloc wire rope slings are made using the flemish splice technique to form the eyes. Unlike the simple return loop method that places 100% of its strength on the swaged sleeve, Permaloc slings have reserve strength should the sleeve become damaged in use.

Promotes Safety

  • Tuff-Tag for capacity and serial numbered identification for traceability
  • Reserve strength - integrity of eyes not solely dependent upon steel sleeves
  • IWRC resists crushing better than FC ropes

Saves Money

  • Least expensive, per capacity, of all steel slings
  • Use of EIP, IWRC rope gives 15% greater capacity than IP, IWRC ropes
  • When specified, thimble eyes protect wire rope from wear for increased life
  • Good abrasion resistance for longer life

Saves Time

  • Countless combinations of sling ends - hooks, chokers, and thimbles are available to fit specific lift requirements.

Eye / Eye with Sliding Choker (ETH)

6x19 EIP, IWRC

  • 9L0458 1/4" Rope Diameter x 3' Sling Length
    2x4" Eye Size; 3/8" Choker Hook
    Rated Capacity: .65 tons Vertical x .48 tons Choker x 1.3 tons Vertical Basket

  • 9L0459 3/8" Rope Diameter x 3' Sling Length
    3x6" Eye Size; 3/8" Choker Hook
    Rated Capacity: 1.4 tons Vertical x 1.1 tons Choker x 2.9 tons Vertical Basket

  • 9L0460 1/2" Rope Diameter x 3' Sling Length
    4x8" Eye Size; 1/2" Choker Hook
    Rated Capacity: 2.5 tons Vertical x 1.9 tons Choker x 5.1 tons Vertical Basket

  • 9L0461 3/4" Rope Diameter x 4' Sling Length
    6x12" Eye Size; 3/4" Choker Hook
    Rated Capacity: 5.6 tons Vertical x 4.1 tons Choker x 11 tons Vertical Basket

    *Do not exceed rated capacities. Sling capacity decreases as the angle from horizontal decreases.  Slings should not be used at angles of less than 30°.   1 1 Ton = 2,000 lbs. 

    We can custom build these to ANY length. To add feet to the base sling length; after adding the base sling to your cart, select the 9L04XXF Part #, and choose the qty / extra feet you would like on the total sling length.
    Example, 9L0459 10 ft sling, would be (1)9L0458 and qty (7)9L0458F.

    Additional Sling Types and Diameters available. Please call 563-872-5065 to order direct.

    Ships directly from LiftAll. 3-4 day lead time.

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