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Pewag Grade 120 Chain Accessories: Self-Locking Hook


   Ensure your load is always protected with Pewag’s Load Binder Securement Systems.
  • 58% stronger than Grade 70 allowing downsizing of chains for less weight and easier handling
  • Higher wear and bending resistance for heavy applications.
  • With the same dimension of chain and workload, G120 offers a safety factor of 6:1 compared to G80 with 4:1.
  • Blue powder coated finish for excellent corrosion resistance and easy identification.
  • G120 meets or exceeds the following NACM/ASTM-test requirements for lifting chains: exceeds the 4:1 NACM safety factor

LH-G120 Self-Locking Hook

Alloy chain accessories for use with Grade 120 chain. Hooks and links heat treated to Grade 120 strength standards.

Ships directly from Pewag.

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Additional Grade 120 and Grade 80 Chain and Accessories available