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SealClamp™ - The Original Band Clamp, Flat Band



SealClamps are easy to install; no need to weld or disconnect your exhaust system. When installed, the wide band conforms to the shape of straight or flex pipe, and seals without distorting the pipe.
Use to seal muffler inlets, outlets, elbow joints, flex pipes and other system connections. Also minimizes noise and exhaust leaks.

  • For overlapping I.D. to O.D. slotted joints and flex tube
  • Nuts and bolts fit both 9/16” and 14mm wrenches

Flat Band Seal Clamp

  • May be used for butt-style joints in light duty applications
  • Available in stainless and aluminized

See also Stepped Preformed Seal Clamps.

Part #'s 6F0168 - 6F0180
Donaldson X007829-31 X007784-85 XX009076 X007833-34 X007824 X007805

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