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  • Slide Sledge® Heavy Equipment™ Hammer Tools


    Heavy Equipment™ Hammer Tools

    The powerful Slide Sledge® Heavy Equipment™ Hammer reduces dangerous, time consuming hammer and chisel jobs to a one-man, one-tool operation. The linear motion of Slide Sledge® focuses power for precision impact to drive pins and make other tough maintenance jobs easier, faster and a whole lot safer.

    • Safer and more accurate
    • Reduces downtime
    • Increases productivity
    • Extremely powerful
    • Versatile

    Choose from 2 styles:

    Heavy Equipment™

    Ideal for most standard applications. Compact 30” is great for fitting into tight areas. Available in 30" and 46" Sizes. (Image 2)

    Part # 8P0002, 8P0003

    Heavy Equipment™ BMF

    Larger diameter BMF series delivers Biggest Maximum Force for your toughest applications. Available in 30" and 46" Sizes. (Image 1)

    Part #8P0004, 8P0005

    May ship directly from Slide Sledge.

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