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  • Speedclick No-Spill™ Quick Coupler Drain System


    The Speedclick system is the quick push-on, pull-off method to drain oil safely and cleanly, and saves time too. It is the ideal drain plug for automated oil change systems. Features one click connection, solid brass construction and lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials.

    • Remove the ‘quick fit’ dustcap, specially designed to ensure a clean connection
    • Push on the ‘clicker’ to activate the system
    • Hot oil drains quickly and safely by gravity or suction
    • Remove the ‘clicker’, replace the dustcap

    Speedclick Drain Plugs

    Fittings are available in over 500 sizes and thread patterns; if what you need isn't listed, give us a call at 563-872-5065.

    Speedclick Drainers

    7G0003 - SC 3044   Straight Drainer

    7G0004 - SC 3046   45° Drainer

    7G0005 - SC 3048   90° Drainer

    7G0002 7G0003 7G0004 7G0005

    Ships directly from mfg.
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