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  • Standard No-Spill™ Drain Plugs


    The Standard Design No-Spill System replaces the factory drain plug on most equipment. With no special tools required for installation, this product makes messy oil changes a thing of the past.

    Key benefits:
    Eliminate spills, extend the engine life by draining oil hot, eliminate drain
    Plug problems such as over/under tightening and stripped threads

    Simply replace the factory fitted plug.

    • Remove the dustcap, which keeps the threads clean
    • Thread the drainer onto the drain plug to activate the system
    • Hot oil drains quickly and safely by gravity or suction
    • Remove the drainer, replace the dustcap

      Standard No Spill™ Drain Plugs

      Fittings are available in over 500 sizes and thread patterns; if what you need isn't listed, give us a call at 563-872-5065.

      Standard Drainers

      7G0047 - 1002   Straight Drainer

      7G0048 - 1046   45° Drainer

      7G0049 - 1004   90° Drainer

      7G0002 7G0003 7G0004 7G0005

      Ships directly from mfg.
      No Spill