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  • The Informer™ Air Filter Indicator, 10 Pack


      For Graduated, Continuous Readings
    The Informer, when mounted on the air cleaner or the dashboard, provides a continuous reading whether the engine is running or is shut down.  Reset button is on top. Kit includes full installation instructions and a safety filter fitting. For remote mounting, order a 6F0067 flange and a 6F0068 90° elbow.

    Choose from the below options:

    6F0064 6F0065 6F0066 6F0067 6F0068

    Maximum Engine Manufacturers Recommended Restriction Limits

    Maximum allowable restriction limits are set by the engine manufacturers. If your maximum limit is unknown, contact your engine manufacturer for the maximum limits. Maximum levels are measured at high idle with no load for naturally aspirated and super-charged diesel engines. Turbo-charged diesel, gasoline and carbureted engines are measured at full load with a wide open throttle.
    Examples shown in Inches of Water (H20) and kiloPascals.

    Sold as a pack of 10.