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  • TopSpin™ Pre-cleaner


      Extends primary air filter life, boost system efficiency and extend engine life! Made of heavy duty solid black polypropylene.


    • Separates up to 85% of incoming contaminant per ISO 5011/SAE J726
    • Greatly extends air filter life
    • Reduces air filter usage
    • Lowers cost per operating hour
    • Automatically ejects mixed debris
    • Separates more than 99% of 20 micron and above particles
    • Operates at lower RPM
    • Easy and quick installation

    SCFM = Standard Cubic Feet per Minute. The ISO 5011/SAEJ726 test procedure was used to extract the results in the charts above. The ISO 5011/ SAEJ726 is a widely accepted industry test used by OEMs to evaluate the efficiency of the intake system components. Test results are an average from testing several units.

    Competitive Cross Reference

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    Donaldson Precleaner