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  • HexCrimp™ Pro Crimpers, 34"L


    HexCrimp™ Crimpers
    Crimps all major brands of connectors. Features comfortable hand grips and adjustable rotating color coded dies always in tool. Patented features. 2 Year Limited Warranty. Made in North America.
    One third less effort is a big deal. Of course you don't have to work as hard, and cast copper connectors are easier to deal with, but it also means you can do a better job. If you're not worried about how hard you have to push, you can take an extra moment to make sure the cable is inserted all the way in the connector, that the connector is located properly in the dies, and you get your crimp exactly where you want it.

    HexCrimp™ Pro 4258 

    • Crimps 8 thru 4/0 gauge cable.
    • 34” Length
    • Requires 30% less force to crimp
    • 4 models are available in hand held and bench mount styles
    • Bench mount also attaches to wall, service truck, etc.
    • Bench mount tolls easier to use, safer, less likely to get damaged or “lost”
    Part #'s 1R0359 - 1R0362
    Color may vary (red or lime). Ships directly from Quick Cable.

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